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Things to do in Quilotoa Loop

Quilotoa Loop is a natural attraction located at 15 kilometers from Zumbahua, and it is characterized by the strong and icy winds. The crater of the inactive Quilotoa Volcano forms a bowl that collects the turquoise waters of the lagoon, and their color is due to the accumulation of sulfur. In this note, we want to give you information about what to do in Quilotoa Loop once you visit it.

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Visit Shalalá and Quilotoa Viewpoints

When you arrive at Quilotoa Loop you can not miss Shalalá and Quilotoa Viewpoints. Shalalá Viewpoint has a transparent structure, from that point it is possible to see all the grandeur of the lagoon and admire the beauty of the nature from 3.900 meters above sea level. You can not only take a great picture of the place but also enjoy the view of the turquoise waters of the lagoon. Also, when you arrive at Quilotoa you must visit Quilotoa Viewpoint (the community’s viewpoint) from which the view is equally fantastic.

Photo by: Instagram @ecuadorentusojos

Hike and Visit Quilotoa Loop

From Shalalá or Quilotoa Viewpoint, it is possible to descend to the lagoon. The descent is not complicated, however, the ascent is a bit difficult if you do not have good physical condition. In case this happens, you can go down and get on a mule, a service that is offered by people from Quilotoa Community. No matter how you do it, once you get to the lagoon, the landscape will be simply fantastic.

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Visit an Artisan Workshop in Tigua Community

Between Pujilí and Zumbahua, very close to Quilotoa Loop, there is an indigenous population called Tigua. In Tigua is common to find artisans who are dedicated to make paintings, masks, and other handicrafts that have geometric and figurative forms. Yo will find wonderful masks made of pine wood, and paintings created on sheepskin which tell the experiences of everyday life. You can not miss seeing the laborious work of these skilled artisans.

Visit Toachi Canyon Lookout

Toachi River Canyon, located at 10 kilometers from the parish of Zumbahua, is a gigantic ravine that covers almost 30 kilometers in length with a drop of 100 meters. This place offers an unusual Andean landscape as a result of the eruptions of Quilotoa Volcano. Toachi River is inside the canyon, which is a good place to practice rafting. Toachi River Canyon is a place that deserves to be seen.

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