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Things to do in Papallacta

Although Papallacta is especially famous for its spring waters, there are other activities that will complement your trip to this relaxing destination that is located a few hours from Quito. Next, we tell you about some of them.

1. Papallacta Lagoon

We recommend you to visit Papallacta Lagoon Lookout, which is located at 3,180 metres above sea level in the buffer zone of Cayambe-Coca Ecological Reserve. This Lagoon is characterized by the dark and deep tone of its waters, and it is surrounded by fantastic Andean vegetation which deserve to be seen.

Papallacta Lagoon was formed by a damming of Papallacta River, caused by the eruption of Antisana Volcano in the 18th century. According to local legends, the lake is protected by the ‘Enchanted Father’ who prevents people go through it at night. His figure is represented by a stone which rests on the Lagoon banks. Do not forget to know this magic Lagoon, we are sure that you will love it.

2. Walking trails

The Andean nature that surrounds Papallacta is extraordinary special. There is a trail called “La Isla” (the Island), which follows the path of the Cosanga River. Through this path it is possible to hear the song of the different species of birds that live in the area of the moor. After traveling around 300 meters and crossing a bridge, you will arrive at a beach where there is a mosaic of stones of different shapes and colors. On this place, it is possible to immerse yourself in the cold crystalline waters or take a break on the shore to enjoy nature.

3. Termas de Papallacta

“Termas de Papallacta” is an ideal place to escape from everyday life, and the tense life in the city. This place, very visited by national and foreign tourists, combines the beauty of the natural environment with great service. “Termas de Papallacta” has a SPA & Resort, 9 thermal pools with different temperatures and sizes, and 3 cold water springs, among other services. We are sure that after taking a bath in one of these pools you will be as good as new!

4. The traditional cuisine of Papallacta

The typical dish of Papallacta parish is trout, a cold-water fish that is usually found in the waters of rivers and lakes. If you visit Papallacta, you can not leave without having enjoyed this delicious dish. However, there are also many other typical dishes such as chicken broth, lime beans, corn, among others. Local restaurants and hostels offer the traditional cuisine of the Ecuadorian mountainous area.

Photo by: RitaE

All these activities are part of our Papallacta Tour of Best Trip Ecuador. This tour offers you a full day of relaxation. It begins with a visit to Papallacta Lagoon Lookout. Afterwards, you will arrive at Termas de Papallacta Tourist Complex where you will hike along La Isla Trail to learn a little more about the local flora and fauna. Then you can enjoy the magical thermal waters of the SPA & Resort. You will have time to have lunch on your own, and then you can continue your day of relaxation until the return to Quito.

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