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Recommendations to go to Quilotoa

Knowing Quilotoa Lagoon is one of the most recommended experiences when visiting Ecuador. In this blog post, we want to give you some recommendations to go to this stunning crater lake in the Cotopaxi province.

Cover Photo by: jacorream

1. Start your trip early in the morning

We recommend you to start your trip very early in the morning, even more if you must go from Quito to the province of Cotopaxi. If you want to know how to get to Quilotoa, please visit our blog:

It is important to take advantage of daylight to admire the lagoon either from the viewpoints of Shalalá or Quilotoa. Also, if you are going to descend to the lagoon it is better to do it early so that you can climb without any rush.

It is also important to notice that in Ecuador the sun’s rays reach perpendicular to the earth’s surface, which is why sunstroke and sunburn must be prevented by avoiding the midday sun, making use of hats or sunscreen.

2. Do not forget to hydrate yourself constantly

If you are going to descend to the lagoon and go back you should constantly hydrate. The time this activity can take depends on your physical conditions. Do not worry if you can only descend to the lagoon, which consists of approximately two kilometers of trail, because the community of Quilotoa offers the service of mule trekking that will help you to reach the edge of the crater again.

Photo by: jacorream

In any case, it is necessary you to take your own water with you, and if you forget to do so, there are several small stores at the entrance of Quilotoa Lagoon where you can buy drinks. We also recommend you to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Do not forget that in Quilotoa there are times which are very windy, so we suggest you take a windbreaker with you.

3. Carry cash with you

It is important to carry cash for lunch, to buy local handicrafts or to pay the mule trekking, among others. You must know that credit or debit cards are not usually frequent payment methods in the area.

4. Take your camera with you

Do not miss the opportunity to photograph the fantastic Quilotoa Lagoon and its incredible turquoise waters. For this matter, it is essential you to take your camera or cell phone with you. The photographs that you will obtain from this trip will become epic memories.

Best Trip Ecuador offers its Quilotoa Tour. It is a simple, fun, and organized way to get to know this unforgettable destination of Ecuador. Come with us and meet the famous viewpoint of “Shalalá”. which is recognized for its transparent structure, and where you can admire the beautiful Quilotoa Lagoon. From that point, we will go to the viewpoint of Quilotoa, managed by the local community, where you can descend to the Lagoon. Afterwards, you will have free time to have lunch, and next we will visit a handicraft store in the community of Tigua, as well as the viewpoint of the Toachi River Canyon.

Book your tour now, you will love it!

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