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How to get to Cuyabeno?

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve is located in the province of Sucumbíos at the northeast of the Amazonian Region of Ecuador. It is considered one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Cuyabeno has unprecedented biological diversity and it is an important nature reserve, so if you are in Ecuador we highly recommend visiting this unique destination in the world.

Normally you can arrive to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve by plane, bus or private vehicle. Next, we will tell you about the different options you have to get to the Reserve.

By flight

There are national airlines that offer daily flights from Quito to the city of Nueva Loja, more commonly known as Lago Agrio. These flights last approximately 45 minutes. This is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to get to the city of Lago Agrio. Do not forget to buy your flight in advance because these are in great demand!

By bus

If you are in the city of Quito, the bus trip to the city of Lago Agrio (Nueva Loja) lasts approximately 8 hours. Buses depart from the Quitumbe Bus Terminal (Terminal Terrestre de Quitumbe) located in the south of the city. However, there are also buses to Lago Agrio that depart from the Carcelén Bus Terminal (Terminal Terrestre de Carcelén) in the north of the city.

If you choose going by bus and if you do not want to travel during the day, we suggest you to travel at night. The bus companies have different departures during the night. Make sure you find out what are the buses departure times in the same bus companies located in the land terminals. We also suggest you to buy your tickets in advance.

Once in the city of Lago Agrio, you will disembark in the Bus Terminal of the city and then you will have to go to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. This road trip to the Cuyabeno Bridge (entrance to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve) can take approximately two hours. If you are going to stay in a hotel you will have to take on a boat until you reach your destination.

By car

From the city of Quito you must take Simón Bolívar Avenue and Ruta Viva towards E28C in Puembo. Later, you will have to continue on E20 and E45 towards Nueva Loja. Once there, you must continue until the entrance of Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, known as the Cuyabeno Bridge, trip that could take a couple of hours. Your trip from there must be made by boat to your destination hotel.

3 days 2 nights Cuyabeno Tour

Best Trip Ecuador offers you the Cuyabeno – Jamu Lodge tour, a three-day adventure where you can enjoy stunning landscapes, forests, lagoons, flora, and fauna in the Ecuadorian jungle. This tour departs from the city of Lago Agrio, capital of the province of Sucumbíos, destination that you can reach by bus, private vehicle or a direct flight.

Cuyabeno – Jamu Lodge tour consists of two nights and three days where you can enjoy a series of activities that will allow you to know the enormous biodiversity of Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, the most extensive wetland in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

On this tour you can take walks through the primary forest, swim in the Great Lagoon, look for alligators at night, birdwatching, among many other activities that you can do there. We are sure that after knowing Cuyabeno you will want to return!

Know more about the Cuyabeno – Jamu Lodge Tour

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