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How to arrive to Papallacta?

Papallacta is a parish located in the province of Napo and it is located 67 kilometers east of the city of Quito. This parish is well known for the existence of thermal waters and its beautiful lagoon. In addition, Papallacta is surrounded by moors with a range of species of flora and fauna. This is why this a place of high interest for local and foreign tourists.

Papallacta is located at 3,300 metres above sea level and has a cold Andean climate. The average temperature in the area is 14° C (57° F). This fact makes of this place a perfect destination to enjoy the wonderful natural thermal waters.

Among travelers, it is common to wonder how to get to this destination. For this reason, we tell you about different ways to reach Papallacta.

By bus

If you are in the city of Quito, there are some bus companies that will take you to Baeza. First of all, you have to go the bus station of Quitumbe which is located in the south of the city. You will travel through Cumbayá, Tumbaco and Pifo along the Interoceanic highway until you reach Papallacta.

You could also choose to arrive at Río Coca Transfer Station, located at the north of the city of Quito. From there, the buses (of green color) depart for Cumbayá. At the Supermaxi or Scala Shopping Mall stops you can take some buses companies that will take you to Papallacta.

On the other hand, if you are in the Amazonian region of Ecuador, specifically in the city of Tena, you can take a bus that takes you to Papallacta. If Papallacta is not the final destination of the bus, for sure, they will make a stop when they reach Papallacta.

The trip from Quito to Papallacta by bus is not long since you will travel less than 70 km. So it will lasts approximately 02h00, while from Tena it could take you about 03h00.

All these transports will take you to the town of Papallacta. To reach the thermal water pools you will have to do a walk from 00h45 to 01h00 approximately depending on your physical condition. This trek is considered of medium difficulty or medium high level because it is through a pronounced slope.

By car

If you choose to travel in a private vehicle, Papallacta is approximately 01:30 from the city of Quito and 02:30 from the city of Tena.

To get from Quito to Papallacta, you must take Simón Bolívar Avenue and Ruta Viva towards E28C in Puembo. Then you must drive from E20 to the province of Napo and finally you must take the old road to your destination in Papallacta.

Full day tour

Best Trip Ecuador offers you a simple, safe and funny way to get to Papallacta through its Papallacta Tour. Leave your mobilization and fun in our hands!

We have 3 main pick up points around the city of Quito and the tour starts at 09:00 am. After an entire day of relaxation and fun, we will be back to the city of Quito at approximately 7:00 p.m. We will disembark the passengers at the same boarding points.

Come with us and enjoy the Papallacta Tour! You will visit the viewpoint of the Papallacta lagoon, you will take a guided walk along the trail called La Isla (it is a paved road that follows the path of the Cosanga River), you will swim in the SPA pools at the Termas de Papallacta (hot springs pools) and you will enjoy the steam caves.

We are sure that Papallacta will delight you! Its wonderful landscapes will take your breath away and its thermal water pools will make you feel relaxed and absolutely renewed.

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