Galapagos Tour
6 days 5 nights

Santa Cruz + Isabela

In this incredible six-day tour in the Galapagos you will be able to visit 4 islands:

  • Baltra
  • Santa Cruz
  • Isabela
  • Santa Fé or Pinzón.

Tour Galapagos 6 dias 5 noches

Day 1: Baltra - Santa Cruz
Day 2: Santa Cruz - Isabela
Day 3: Isabela
Day 4: Isabela - Santa Cruz
Day 5: Santa Cruz (Santa Fé or Pinzón)
Day 6: Santa Cruz - Baltra

In this incredible six-day tour in the Galapagos you will be able to visit 4 islands: Baltra, Santa Cruz, Isabela and Santa Fé or Pinzón.

In this adventure you will take observation walks, and snorkel in search of turtles, sharks, manta rays, penguins, sea lions, fish, and many more species.
You will also visit the mines of the volcano, feel like you are on another planet, and see the famous Cabo Rosa tunnels on Isabela Island.

This is an ideal adventure if you are a traveler who likes to know each place in depth. In these six days, you will live an exciting experience full of surprises with nature.

Day 1: Baltra - Santa Cruz

  • Reception at Baltra airport

We will receive you at the Baltra Airport and help you in your transfer to the Itabaca canal. From the airport, we will take the bus, and then we will cross the canal by boat together with our support staff.

After crossing the canal you will find yourself in Santa Cruz and be ready to start the activities.

  • Visit to Rancho Primicias or El Chato to observe giant tortoises

Our first activity begins in the upper part of the island of Santa Cruz, we will visit the Ranch where the turtles roam free and you will be able to observe the giant tortoises in their natural habitat.

We will also be able to visit the underground tunnels, we will go through them and we will learn more secrets about these incredible islands.

  • Visit Los Gemelos craters

On our way to the hotel we will make a stop to observe ¨Los Gemelos¨, they are two craters of volcanic formation now covered with a lot of nature, it is common to observe birds, butterflies and a large amount of vegetation in the area.

After this visit we will make the transfer to the hotel located in Santa Cruz.

  • Check in

We will check in at the hotel and we will show you the main places on the Island of Santa Cruz, the pier, our agency, and the hotel.

  • Free afternoon

In the afternoon we recommend you walk through the streets of Santa Cruz, there are a wide variety of restaurants, art galleries, crafts and viewpoints to visit.

Day 2: Santa Cruz - Isabela

  • Ferry Santa Cruz - Isabela

The adventure begins early at the dock to take the boat to Isabela Island, this tour lasts approximately two hours. To access the ferries you must pay the water taxi, value 1 USD each way. We recommend you bring a snack as the trip starts very early.

Upon arrival at Isabela Island you must pay the entrance fee of 10 USD per person.

  • Check in at the Isabela hotel

Our staff will pick you up from the pier and take you to the hotel so you can leave your belongings and be ready for your activities. 

  • Free time until 1:30 p.m.

You have free time until 1:30 p.m., in this free time we recommend you rent a bicycle and take a ride around Puerto Villamil, you will see that it is very easy to locate and you will be able to see the main places on the Island.

  • Tintoreras Tour

The transport will pick you up from your hotel to take you to the pier where the adventure begins. On the Tintoreras tour we will take a short walk in a very special landscape.

The islet that we will visit bears the name of the white-finned sharks known as Tintoreras, this is considered one of the most fascinating species in the Galapagos, here we will also find: sea lions, marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, crabs, sea turtles, pelicans and penguins from Galapagos.

After the walk on the islet, we will snorkel in search of sea turtles.

Return to the hotel and free night.

We recommend you walk towards the boardwalk and try the typical food of the Island.

Day 3: Isabela - Túneles de Cabo Rosa

  • Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and get ready for a day of great adventure 

  • Pick up at the hotel

Our vehicle will pick you up from the hotel to take you to the pier where we begin our adventure towards the Cabo Rosa tunnels. 

  • Union rock

The first stop is made in the boat next to Roca Unión, a small islet located in the open sea where you can see Pelicans, Nazca Boobies and Blue Footed Boobies.

  • Cabo Rosa Tunnels 

After a navigation of approximately 45 minutes we will arrive at one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Galapagos, the tunnels. These tunnel-like rock formations were created after ancient eruptions when lava collided with water, forming this unique landscape.

Here you can see the tunnels surrounded by crystalline water and it is very common to see turtles and sea lions crossing between them, as well as we can enjoy the vegetation that has been attached to this ecosystem. We will go on a walk in search of Blue-footed Boobies, sea turtles and we will take incredible photos in this place.

  • Snorkel

After the walk we will go to a site known as Finados to snorkel with sea turtles, blue sharks, manta rays, seahorses and a wide variety of fish.

This is one of the most famous snorkels since several species can be observed in the same place.

  • Lunch

The tour includes lunch on board the boat, we will eat in the middle of the sea surrounded by the best possible landscape.

After lunch we began our return to Isabela, landing at the hotel.

Afternoon and night free.

Day 4: Minas del volcán

  • Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and get ready for a day of great adventure 

  • Volcano mines

Our transport will pick you up from your hotel to start the activity. Transportation for this tour is a traditional chiva without windows, so you can always enjoy the scenery.

The first stop will be at the entrance to the volcano to register and then you will be able to admire the vegetation of the area from the chiva.

We will make a stop to observe the crater of the Sierra Negra volcano, from this privileged point you can see its magnitude and the mines are also observed from afar.

To get to the mines we will walk for approximately 2 hours one way and 1h30 back. Upon reaching the mines you will be able to see how the landscape has been transformed and it would seem that you are on the moon next to large colored rocks and sulfur fumaroles. 

Enjoy the walk through this lunar landscape and marvel at the fumaroles from the volcano.

Finally, the chiva will leave you at the hotel to prepare your luggage and go to the pier.

  • Ferry Santa Cruz - Isabela

The adventure begins early at the dock to take the boat to Isabela Island, this tour lasts approximately two hours. To access the ferries you must pay the water taxi, value 1 USD each way. We recommend you bring a snack as the trip starts very early.

Day 5: Santa Fé o Pinzón

  • Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and get ready for a day of great adventure

  • Full day of your choice

We have two options for you, you can choose to visit Santa Fé Island or Pinzón Island, the main difference is that in Santa Fé you will do combined activities between hiking and snorkeling and in Pinzón you will have more snorkeling activities and less hiking.

This tour leaves the pier in the morning and lasts approximately 6 to 7 hours. In these excursions you will be able to observe birds along the way and in the snorkeling activities in the crystalline waters you will be able to observe: sea turtles, sea lions, iguanas and a great variety of times.

Lunch is included in this one day adventure, at the end we will return to the dock and you can enjoy a free afternoon in Santa Crúz.

We recommend you try the local food on the street of the kioskitos.

Día 6: Baltra Aeropuerto

  • Breakfast

Enjoy breakfast and get ready for a day of great adventure 

  • Transfer Out

We will pick you up at your hotel to take you back to the Itabaca canal located in the upper part, from here we connect with the boat and the Lobito bus to take you to the airport. 

End of services.


  • Transfer In from Baltra airport
  • Visit the upper part, ranch with giant tortoises
  • visit the twins
  • 3 hotel nights in Santa Cruz- tourist type hotel
  • 2 nights and hotel in Isabela – tourist type hotel
  • 4 breakfasts
  • Blue shark tour with snorkel equipment
  • Cabo Rosa tunnels tour with snorkel equipment, includes lunch
  • Volcano Mines Tour
  • Tour to Santa Fé or Pinzón, includes lunch
  • Ferry ticket Santa Cruz – Isabela
  • Ferry ticket Isabela – Santa Cruz
  • Transfer out Santa Cruz – Baltra

Not include

  • Air ticket Quito – Baltra
  • INGALA Tourist Card (20USD)
  • Entrance to the Galapagos National Park, 6USD Ecuadorian tourists, 50USD Andean Community, 100USD foreigners. Children pay 50% of the corresponding value.
  • Fee for use of the dock in Isabela 5USD Ecuadorians, 10USD foreigners
  • Santa Cruz pier use fee 3USD
  • Ticket Lobito 5 USD for each route, total 2 routes
  • Itabaca Canal Boat 1USD for each route, total 2 routes
  • Water Taxi around 1USD
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Other activities not detailed in the itinerary

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