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5 best things to do in Misahuallí

Puerto Misahuallí is a rural parish which belongs to Tena, capital of the province of Napo in in Ecuador. This small town is well-known in the country because of it is a watering place recognized by the presence of its white sands and its scenic beauty. Puerto Misahuallí is strategically located on the banks of the Napo River this is why it is considered another tourist wonder of the Amazonian region of Ecuador.

There are a number of possible activities to do when you visit Misahuallí, such as: practicing extreme sports, hiking in the woods, visiting zoos, getting to know local communities and enjoying local cuisine, among others. Next we will introduce you to the 5 best things to do in Misahuallí. We expect you to visit this beautiful place in the Ecuadorian Amazon if you have not done yet.

1. Practice extreme sports

One of the favorite activities for foreign and local tourists when visiting Misahuallí is to practice rafting, kayaking or tubing. Performing these activities along the Napo River will allow you to enjoy the energy of the river, while you can make bird and wildlife sightings of different types. Do not stop doing these activities that will fill you with adrenaline!

2. Walk through the local forests

You will be surprised by the diversity of flora and fauna in Misahuallí! Enjoy the endemic species of flora, the presence of the monkeys and other local fauna. Moreover, during the walks or hiking activities you will be able to observe fantastic waterfalls and the protectors of the jungle, like the giant Ceibo and the Strangler Higuerón.

3. Visit the local indigenous communities

Visit the Kichwa indigenous communities that live in the surroundings of Misahuallí and learn about their music, ancestral dances, customs, gastronomy and Shamanic rituals. You will be able to know about their community tourism projects and you could acquire their local crafts made entirely by hand.

4. Visit the AmaZOOnico Animal Rescue Center

Sailing in a motorized canoe down the Napo River to the AmaZOOnico Animal Rescue Center is a great opportunity to observe endemic animals of the jungle, which in their natural state are quite difficult to be found. There you will see toucans, parrots, macaws; different species of playful monkeys such as the barizo, the spider monkey, golden mantled tamarin and chorongo. In addition, you will see the intrepid jaguar, the alligators in the swamp, the anaconda and the boa constrictor, among others.

5. Enjoy the local cuisine

“Manto de tilapia” or tilapia maito is a traditional dish from the Ecuadorian Amazon region that you should try when you visit Misahuallí. Moreover, if you want to live an experience that you will not forget, you should try the fantastic “chontacuro” (which in Kichwa means “worms of the chonta”), some palm worms that can be eaten alive or grilled. If you are in Misahuallí, do not miss to taste these fantastic gastronomic samples of the region!

Best Trip Ecuador invites you to be part of its 3D/2N Misahuallí Tour, so you will be able to know this wonderful destination during three days and two nights. During the first day, you can enjoy a guided walk through our reserve in the middle of the jungle walking by one of our trails, called “The Great Cacique” (named after a very entertaining bird). Then you will be able to refresh yourself and perform tubing activities in one of our beaches on the Pusuno River.

On the second day of this adventure, you can choose between two options. Option 1). Excursion to one of the waterfalls and visit a Kichwa indigenous community. Option 2). Walk to the Napo River where you will sail in motorized canoes to the AmaZOOnico Animal Rescue Center, and tour on the Trap Trail. Read more about these options on our 3D/2N Misahuallí Tour.

Finally, on day three of this experience you will enjoy our chocolate tour, a fun workshop where you will actively participate in the home process of chocolate making and tasting.

We guarantee you to live a total connection with nature through our 3D/2N Misahuallí Tour. You will not only relax and meditate with the singing of the birds from a comfortable cottage with hammocks next to the pool, but you will also enjoy a beautiful sunset at the river bank.

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